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Frommer's Cancun, Cozumel & the Yucatan (Frommer's Complete Guides) [ David (Frommer's Complete Guides) Paperback – September 9,
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Although measures were taken at the resort to disinfect the water system, in December CDC was notified of the ninth case, suggesting that there is an ongoing source of exposure. For the latest information on health risks when traveling to Mexico, and what to do if you get sick, consult the U. State Department's website at www. In most of Mexico's resort destinations, you can usually find health care that meets U. Care in more remote areas is limited. Standards of medical training, patient care, and business practices vary greatly among medical facilities in beach resorts throughout Mexico.

In recent years, some U.

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On the other hand, Mexican doctors often spend more time with patients than doctors do north of the border, and may be just as good for less cost. Prescription medicine is broadly available at Mexico pharmacies, and many drugs that in the U. However, be aware that you may still need a copy of your prescription or to obtain a prescription from a local doctor.

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Over-the-Counter Drugs in Mexico -- Antibiotics and other drugs that you'd need a prescription to buy in the States are often available over the counter in Mexican pharmacies. Mexican pharmacies also carry a limited selection of common over-the-counter cold, sinus, and allergy remedies. Contact lenses can be purchased without an exam or prescription, should you run out. Avoid excessive exposure, especially in the tropics where UV rays are more dangerous.

The hottest months in Mexico's south are April and May, but the sun is intense most of the year. Dietary Red Flags -- Travelers' diarrhea, often accompanied by fever, nausea, and vomiting -- used to attack many travelers to Mexico. Some in the U.

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Widespread improvements in infrastructure, sanitation, and education have greatly diminished this ailment, especially in well-developed resort areas. Most travelers make a habit of drinking only bottled water, which also helps to protect against unfamiliar bacteria. In resort areas, and generally throughout Mexico, only purified ice is used. If you do come down with this ailment, nothing beats Pepto Bismol, readily available in Mexico. Imodium is also available in Mexico and is used by many travelers for a quick fix. A good high-potency or "therapeutic" vitamin supplement and even extra vitamin C can help; yogurt is good for healthy digestion.

Since dehydration can quickly become life-threatening, be careful to replace fluids and electrolytes potassium, sodium, and the like during a bout of diarrhea. Drink Pedialyte, a rehydration solution available at most Mexican pharmacies, or natural fruit juice, such as guava or apple stay away from orange juice, which has laxative properties , with a pinch of salt added.

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The U. Public Health Service recommends the following measures for preventing travelers' diarrhea: Drink only purified water boiled water, canned or bottled beverages, beer, or wine. Choose food carefully. In general, avoid salads except in first-class restaurants , uncooked vegetables, undercooked protein, and unpasteurized milk or milk products, including cheese. Choose food that is freshly cooked and still hot.

Avoid eating food prepared by street vendors. Fodor's "Green Travel," which will be published in the spring, identifies three criteria as essential to responsible travel: environmental conservation, social and cultural awareness and economic benefits for the communities tourists visit. Publishers also are exploring the possibility of introducing rating systems in their standard guides that would let readers know which accommodations are greener than others.

Lonely Planet plans to publish a "green listing" that will establish criteria for comparing the climate effects of various lodging options. These changes may seem minor in light of the amount of carbon emissions that global travel produces each year: A round-trip flight for two passengers from California to Europe produces about the same amount of carbon dioxide that a U.

But Regan said these books speak to travelers' sense of urgency to see natural wonders before global warming makes them disappear. Over time, Regan said, customers will get used to these approaches to travel in the same way they've adjusted to stricter airport security measures: "You kind of assimilate it, and that's the new reality. Sunday: Remote corner of the Philippines may be the latest frontier in the world of ecotourism - and a mysterious white squirrel. Charts 82 trips and highlights the "responsible travel credentials" of each one, such as yurt stays in Tajikistan's Pamir Mountains, a village walk and homestay in India's Kumaon region and a canoeing-camping trip to view hippos on Zambia's Zambezi River.

Touts destinations that have environmental attractions but are not in immediate danger of being overly exploited, usually because they're remote. Describes 25 trips that minimize visitors' effect on the environment while helping local communities, including a zero-impact luxury ski camp in the Swiss Alps consisting of white-canvas geodesic domes and a beach lodge near Mozambique's Guludo village that employs 55 locals who will eventually run the resort. Provides advice on ethical clothes shopping, volunteering abroad and cultural sensitivity.

Explores ethical travel dilemmas such as renting a car, giving money to beggars and visiting countries ruled by repressive governments. Includes a section on ecotourism that refers readers to two groups, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and Tread Lightly, that address the ethics of swimming with marine mammals.

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Provides information on visiting protected areas, such as the Rio Lagartos and Celestun refuges, both of which feature flamingos. WH mistakenly emails Ukraine talking points to Pelosi, Dems. What transcript of Trump's Ukraine call shows. Pelosi privately urges narrow impeachment probe. Photo: NA. Caption Close. Image 1 of 3. Back to Gallery.